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About the Book

Past celebrations of Laurel, Maryland's Centennial in 1970 and 125th anniversary in 1995 included souvenir booklets. Both booklets, along with various other writings produced about the city over the years, provide extensive historical narratives of the town.

This book is different. It is not intended to be a complete history. The Laurel History Boys are storytellers. Through stories, this book presents a vivid illustration of many events—some serious, some amusing, some not very flattering—that reflect Laurel’s history and diversity. More importantly, it provides a portrait of the people of Laurel, who have displayed a commitment to service and a dedication to their town for 150 years.

Written and produced by Kevin Leonard ("History Matters" columnist for the Laurel Leader) and Richard Friend, (Lost Laurel creator) Laurel at 150 is chock full of a century-and-a-half's worth of fascinating history from our home town.

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What People Are Saying

Richard Friend, Kevin Leonard, and

Peter Lewnes have created a scrapbook for Laurel residents and anyone else who is curious about the people and places that have informed the city’s identity for 150 years.

Joe Murchison, Pete Pichaske,

Melanie Dzwonchyk, and Katie McClelland

Laurel Leader editors

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